Warehouse Rent Dong Nai

Warehouse Rent Dong Nai

A brand new warehouse block for rent in Dong Nai province, Viet Nam. Located at a potential place: 40km from Ho Chi Minh City Center, 30km from two of the most important seaports of Southern Viet Nam, Cat Lai seaport and Cai Mep – Thi Vai seaport, and right next to Long Thanh airport which planned to operate in 2025, this warehouse will become a logistics center which is the intercharge of road, sea and airway.

Project overview

  • Total area: 132,594m2
  • Lot I area: 66,065m2
  • Lot P area: 66,529m2

Lot I overview

  • Rentable area: 32,000m2
  • Building structure: ground floor (part of upstair), rc and s contruction
  • Effective height: 7m floor loading:3 tons/m2
  • Southern paths: high floor type (height=1.4m, depth:5m), dock leveler available
  • Northern paths: low floor type (same as ground level)
  • Slope for each area
  • Possible to install cold and refrigerated storage

A area specification



Warehouse area(1f) Utility area Office area Rentable area
4,899m2 282.5m2 136m2 5,317.5m2
Path quantity 40 feet container:12 paths  /  2∼4 tons vehicle: 12 paths
Dock leveler and slope 6 dock levelers / 1 slope
Utility Able to use as car, bike parking lot or facilities storage
Electricity Electricity 130kva (26kva/m2) (electrical cabinets have been installed for warehouse and office)
Electrical capacity At lot D∼F, it is possible to set up cold storage and refrigeration up to 195kva

(main cable have been installed directly to electrical cabinet of each area)

Illumination All building have been installed led light system

(brightness: 200lx for warehouse, 600lx for office, 150lx for other areas)

Electrical outlet Electrical outlet have been installed at 4 places for charging forklift


Featured Information

(Updated on April 1, 2019)



Reference Value ()

Water & Electricity supply    
1.     Electricity supply rate
Off peak hours

Everyday 22:00 ~ 04:00

Normal hours

Monday~ Saturday 04:00 ~ 09:30

11:30 ~17:00, 20:00 ~22:00. Sunday            04:00 ~22:00

Peak hours

Monday ~ Saturday 09:30 ~11:30, 17:00 ~20:00

2.     Water supply rate VND11.500/m3
3.     Wastewater treatment rate VND7.440/m3 (US$ 0,32/m3 )


Other conditions: Please contact us for further information.

Opened: from July 2019.

Noted: Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.

Please contact to our agent for any further information of Warehouse Rent Dong Nai.

Terms of Service: We, PDGroup Viet Nam will take a-half (½) month rental (For first month only), plus VAT from the tenant for successful recommendation.

The commission will be paid by the tenant to PDGroup Viet Nam, when tenant signs the lease contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier.

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