Desalting & Concentration Plant

PDGroup Water Solution for Desalting & Concentration Plant

Desalting & Concentration Plant

Stage plant for refining and concentrating the liquid product

In the process of the fine chemical industry like dye manufacturing process, rejecting the salinity through the desalting & concentration plant is essential as refining and concentration significantly increase the storage stability of the product. This plant removes the suspended solids using MF & UF process as the pretreatment. NF process is the main treatment that increases the purity by removing the salts and the unreached matters selectively and has been equipped with the automatic CIP system which is tolerant of the highly concentrated organic matter. Also, we can design the whole membrane system which includes the wastewater treatment system that treats the wastewater from this plant with just low cost.

  • Selective rejection of unreacted matter and salinity by NF
  • Automation and safety design for the beginners
  • Applying corrosion-resistant and water-resistant material
  • Economical Acquired NT (New Tech.) certification
  • Extending lifetime¬†by the self-cleaning of NF
  • Conservation Applying the specialized automatic CIP system
Desalting & Concentration Plant advantage
Flow Chart
Desalting & Concentration Plant flow chart

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