Water StorageDesign Options

Design Options

Various options to meet different demands

PDGTANK – GRP Sectional Tanks are supplied in various options to meet different market demands.

The variaty of panel sizes (1m, 1.5m, 2m, half panels and more) allows to build tanks in any shapes and any capacities to fit into limited spaces. Depends on environmental conditions, insulated or non-insulated tanks also can be applied.

Wall Panel Arrangement
wall panel arrangement
Various Tank Shapes

PDGTANK fits into any limited space as its structure utilizes horizontal and vertical spaces at the maximum through the use of diverse sizes of panels.

various tank shapes
Internal Partition

PDGTANK can be divided into multi-compartments using standard panels and components. Divisions shall be stayed to enable one compartment of the tank to be emptied whilst the other compartment is in service. Partitioned tank is also recommended in a narrow space where multiple tanks for different uses (domestic water , firefighting, etc.) are required.

Thermal Insulation

The thermal insulation panel with 3-layer (GRP panel + PU foam + Resin cover) structure minimizes temperature change the stored water and prevents dew condensation.

Typical Cross Section

typical cross section

Thermal Conductivity

thermal conductivity
Installation Space

About 600mm free space in all directions is required as shown below for maintenance and installation of tanks.

installation space

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