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Meet Department of Planning and Investment (DPI)

  • Request meeting with DPI
  • Meet DPI

Obtain certified copies of foreign documents  (2)

1. Submit application for documents certification

2. Collect certified copies of documents

Obtain consular legalized copies of foreign documents (3)

3. Submit application for consular legalization

4. Pay consular legalization fee

5. Collect consular legalized copies of documents

Obtain certified translation of documents  (2)

6. Submit documents for translation

7. Collect certified translation of documents

Obtain authenticated copies of passports or Vietnamese ID cards  (2)

8. Submit passports or Vietnamese ID cards for authentication

9. Collect authenticated copies of passports or Vietnamese ID cards

Sign contract on office lease  (1)

10. Sign contract on office lease

Obtain investment certificate  (2)

11. Submit application for investment certificate

  • Verify the status of the application

12. Collect investment certificate

Obtain authenticated copies of investment certificate  (2)

13. Submit investment certificate for authentication

14. Collect authenticated copies of investment certificate

Obtain seal and seal registration certificate  (2)

15. Submit application for seal and seal registration certificate

16. Collect seal and seal registration certificate

Obtain certificate of tax registration  (2)

17. Submit application for certificate of tax registration

18. Collect certificate of tax registration

Open bank account  (1)

19. Open bank account

Publish in newspaper  (1)

20. Publish in newspaper


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