Factory Rental BD26

Factory Rental BD26.

A brand new factory for rent in Binh Duong, Viet Nam. Located right inside a good industrial park in Binh Duong that takes us about 40km to downtown of Ho Chi Minh City and 35km to the sea port. Easy to access to Dong Nai, Long An, Tay Ninh, Ho Chi Minh City.

There are 3 types of factory available with the following details:

Type A: the size of factory is 517sq.m that includes 141sq.m office space inside.

Type B: the size of factory is 616sq.m that includes 150sq.m office space inside.

Type C: the size of factory is 705sq.m that includes 178sq.m office space inside.

Factory Rental BD26 Featured information:

  • The brand new factory with good quality and high standard, concrete floor which can stand high loading capacity over 15tons per sq.m,
  • Widening front road for heavy truck can get in and out easily. Factory Rental BD26.
  • Strong power system for heavy industrial manufacturing
  • Insulator system. Factory Rental BD26.
  • Aluminium windows,
  • Three-phase power of 1.000KVA,
  • Water supply and drainage systems. Factory Rental BD26.
  • Traffic infrastructure, and green area. Factory Rental BD26.
  • Security house and signal board located right at main gate,
  • Adjacent residential areas should easily recruit high technical employees,

Rental price: Please kindly contact our agent for updating rental price. Factory Rental BD26.

Noted: Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.

Please contact to our agent for any further information of Factory Rental BD26.

Terms of Service: We, PDGroup Viet Nam will take a-half (½) month rental (For first month only), plus VAT and management fee, from the tenant for successful recommendation.

The commission will be paid by the tenant to PDGroup Viet Nam, when tenant signs the lease contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier.

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