Factory Rent NA01

Factory Rent NA01

With a total area of 3,200 ha. upon completion, this industrial park will be the largest well-developed industrial zone in North Central Vietnam, connecting the new manufacturing and distribution base to serve domestic and international markets. Located within Dong Nam Economic Zone with special privileges, Phase 1 offers 498 ha. of international-standard infrastructure for industrial investors and also accommodates residential and commercial projects. 

Well-Developed Land

  • Various sizes of developed land plots with standard soil compaction control
  • Well-designed infrastructure and utilities including industrial water, storm drainage, wastewater treatment, flood protection and communication systems
  • Environmental monitoring and controlling by professional industrial zone operations and management team

Ready Built Factory for Rent: Size 500sq.m – 10,000sq.m

  • High quality and well-designed layout with various sizes of factory for rent, easy-to-start up at lower initial cost of investment. 
  • Flexible investment solutions as a growth path to larger buildings or to developed land as business expands

Sized from 500sq.m to 9,900sq.m, the Ready Built Factory for Rent offers manufacturers various alternatives to fit their requirements with a quick entry and lower initial cost. The Ready Built Factories are well designed in 3 types; Detached, Attached and Built to Order. There are with various sizes and layout of factory for rent to accommodate easy-to-start up at lower initial cost of investment.  In addition, Ready Built Factory also offers flexibility for investment solutions as a growth path to larger buildings or to developed land as business expands.


Covering the area of 500sq.m to 2,500sq.m, Attached factories are a row of factories sharing the wall to the next-door neighbors. There office is located on the mezzanine floor allowing one to monitor the production activities from the top.


Ranging from 2,500sq.m – 6,000sq.m, Detached factories are standalone buildings and are designed and build from top to bottom with high quality materials. There office is located on the mezzanine floor allowing one to monitor the production activities from the top.

Built to Order

Built to Order factory with size of over 7,000sq.m – 10,000sq.m. By working closely with our customer, we design the building to meet the production layout and requirements.

Factory Rent NA01 Specifications:

  • Smoke Detector
  • Emergency lighting
  • Shutter Door
  • Clear glass windows
  • Fire Alarm & Extinguishers
  • Electricity Control & Telephone terminal cabinets
  • Metal louver and Bird-screen
  • Roof Ventilator
  • Lighting Fixture
  • Standard furnished toilets

Target Industries:

This industrial park provides various sizes of developed land and ready-built factory for rent in Dong Nam Economic Zone with special tax privileges to welcome number of target industries.

Industrial: Automotive, Plastics, Light Metals, Textiles/Garments (exclude dying), Building Materials

Consumer: Food Processing, Beverages, Value-added Agriculture, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electrical Appliances

Technology: Electronics, Medical Assembly, Software, Smart Phones, Communications

Logistics: Cold Storage, Inland Container Depot, Modern Warehouse Logistics, Shipping and Freight

Geographical Accessibility:

  • Cua Lo International Seaport Cluster (15 minutes by car): 11-17km
  • Cua Lo Beach: 14km
  • Vinh Railway Station: 17km
  • Vinh City / Airport: 18km
  • Hanoi City (5 hours by car, 30 minutes by plane): 288km
  • Hai Phong Port: 340km
  • Da Nang City: 487km
  • Ho Chi Minh City (24 hours by car, 1 hours 30 minutes by plane): 1,198km

Connecting Road & Railway (Today)

  • Highway 1A

(Main National North-South Highway)

  • 3 National Roads No. 7, 46, 48

(East-West route connect to Laos/Thai)

  • New Highway to New Deep Sea Port
  • Vinh Grade 1 Railway Station 

3rd Largest Rail Station in Vietnam, 
 By No. of Passenger & Cargo Transit 
 (Connecting North-South of Vietnam)

·       Future Development:

New Express Highway Hanoi (by year 2022)

3 hrs. driving Hanoi, passing through this industrial park

  • High Speed Train Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City
    With 1 out of 5 stations in Vinh City

Proposal to have the station adjacent to this industrial park

Logistics: Deep Sea Port and Airport within 20 Km.

Deep Seaport Cluster (Today):

Within 12 km.

  • Nghe An International Seaport (70,000 DWT)
  • Cua Lo Seaport (30,000 DWT)
  • DKC Petroleum Storage and Port (40,000 DWT)

International Freight Via Haiphong in North and Saigon Port to South 

Future Development Plan:

  • Cua Lo Deep Seaport (100,000 DWT)

Vinh International Airport 

Within 16 km.
(3 million passengers capacity)

Connecting to Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Da Lat, Nha Trang, and chartered International Flight to Bangkok, Thailand

Infrastructure and Utilities: Secure and reliable solutions a premier provider:

Water Supply

  • 4,000 – 12,000
    m3/day  (expandable)
  • Standard supply 30 m3/ha/day  
  • Source Cam River
  • Water supply is provided through this industrial park

Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Primary and Secondary of Aerated Lagoon (AL) and Constructed Wetland of 3,200 – 9,600 m3/day (expandable)
  • Wastewater treatment is provided through this industrial park

Power Supply by EVN

  • 2 dedicated transmission lines of 22KV Cua Lo Subsation, with capacity of 65MVA
  • 110 kV transmission lines available upon application to EVN

Road System

  • Main Road with 67m Right of Way, 4 lanes with Reinforced Concrete pavement 
  • Secondary Road with 30m Right of Way, 2 lanes with Reinforced Concrete pavement


  • Good signal telephone lines 
  • Fiber optic for high speed internet
  • Wireless internet with various mobile phone packages

Land Elevation

  • 50 – 2.70 m. above mean sea level

Drainage and Flood Control System

  • Dike at the height of 4.30 m. with drainage pumping system 
  • Internal drainage channel, box and pipe culvert system to receive run-off the land plots

Firefighting System

  • Fire hydrant at every 150m
  • Large retention ponds for firefighting water reserve

Emergency Response

  • Two existing firefighting station located within 10 km (at Cua Lo) and one new firefighting station located next to the office area to be completed within 2019

Medical Care

  • Public hospital & international hospital located within 15 km 
  • Emergency ambulance service available 24/7 nearby 

Customer Care Service (CCS)

This industrial park provides investment support to investors starting from day one by coordinating with local authorities. It also acts as the pool of relevant and practical information to support investors during their operations in this industrial park.

  • Facility Management Solutions
  • IT Outsourcing and Telecom Infrastructure
  • Human Resource and Labor Relations Consultancy
  • Career Transition Services / Outplacement
  • Industrial Office Fit-out Services
  • Temporary Office / Conference Room / Business Center
  • Transportation & Logistics

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Terms of Service: We, PDGroup Viet Nam will take a-half (½) month rental (For first month only), plus VAT and management fee, from the tenant for successful recommendation. The commission will be paid by the tenant to PDGroup Viet Nam, when tenant signs the lease contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier.

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