Factory Rent DN03

Factory Rent DN03: A good factory for rent in Da Nang, Vietnam. Located right inside a good industrial park that takes us about 25 minutes to downtown of Da Nang City, Viet Nam. Easy to access to Quang Nam, Quang Ngai City and Hue City.

1 Infrastructure of Factory Rent DN03
1 Internal Road System – Connect to each land plots with width of 34.50m and 16.50m.
2 Power Supply – Supplied by the national power network (110/22 KV)

– Have a capacity of 80MVA, available electric wire system of 22 KV.

3 Water Supply –   Supplied by the water plants with capacity of 210,000 m3/day-night.
4 Waste-water treatment System –   Installed along internal roads in Factory Rent DN03 with 5,000m3/day-night.
5 Green trees –    Occupied 15-20% of total land.
6 Telecommunication and internet –    Installed in Factory Rent DN03
7 Inland customs port (ICD) –    ICD port located close to Factory Rent DN03 with land area of 2 hectares is very convenient for companies to do customs procedures.
2 Fees in Factory Rent DN03
1 Duration of land lease Factory Rent DN03: From the date of singing Contract to March 25th 2054.
2 Management and use of infrastructure fee Factory Rent DN03 is applied 0.4 USD/sqm/year.
3 Power Consumption Charge According to EVN’s price list as below:

–    Normal hour (Mon-Sat): VND 1,405/kwh~ US$ 0,063/kwh

–    Peak hour (Mon- Sat)    : VND 2,556/kwh~ US$ 0,116/kwh

–    Off-peak hour (Daily)    : VND    902/kwh~ US$ 0,041/kwh


4 Water Charge According to Decision Water charge of Government (water charge for manufacturing): 8,900 VNĐ/m3.



Waste water Treatment Charge

Factory Rent DN03: Waste water Treatment Charge from 3,670 VNĐ/m3 – 11,270 VNĐ/m3 depend on pollution level .
3 Incentive policies
1 The corporate income Currently, the corporate income tax rate is 20% applied for all kind of business. 
For Hi-tech projects:

– Apply 10% for a term of 15 years from the date of starting operation, including:

+ an exemption for 4 years from the time of taxable income appears followed by 50% reduction for the next 9 years

– After incentive time: Apply to current tax which follows to the regulation of Government (current tax: 20%)

2 Exemption of Export-Import Tax – Imported equipment, machineries to create fixed assets of projects will be tax exemption;

– For the imported materials to produce export goods have been paid import tax, this tax amount will be refunded corresponding to import duty rate of exported products in fact.

3 Value Added Tax –    For Enterprise with 100% Export Processing Enterprise will be get 0% Value Added Tax.
4 Open Investment Environment –    Danang city has always kept the top position and in 2014, the city continue to stand at first place of PCI (Provincial Competitiveness Index) surveyed and published by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Therefore, Danang city has quick, simple work with public bodies and always improve to support investors the best.

–    The “one-stop shop” at Danang Investment Promotion Center is offered to assist investors in establishing, realizing and expanding their projects within a short time frame and at low costs. Investors are provided with free and transparent information, advice and customized services;

–    The local government is responsible for site clearance, compensation and relocation of residents dwelling in the project site;

–    Physical infrastructure facilities are provided to the project site;

–    Direct dialogues between the leaders of Danang’s government and entrepreneurs are conducted to assist businesses in settling their problems in a timely and effective manner.

4 Other services
1 Custom Danang Customs Office.
2 Banking system Investors can transact at all banking systems in Danang city.
3 Hospital Lien Chieu General Hospital (Far from IPs 3 kms)

Danang General Hospital  (Far from IPs 10 kms)

4 University and College Some of the biggest University and College in Danang is far from here as: Danang Polytechnic University, Danang Pedagogical University, Danang Planning and Economy College…
5 Vocational School Currently, Danang city has total 50 vocational schools.
6 Airport – Danang city has Danang International Airport. This is the one of three biggest Airport in Vietnam, far from IPs 12km.


5 Other information
1 Traffic –    Locations of Factory Rent DN03 can reach the domestic markets such as West-Highland and central provinces of Vietnam…

–    Connect to other provinces in Vietnam through Highway No.1A and Highway No.14B

2 Railway –    Lien Chieu Station, far from IPs : 2km
3 Seaport –    Tien Sa Seaport          : 25km

–  As plan to 2020, Lien Chieu Port will have capacity of receiving ships with 50.000 DWT – 80.000 DWT. Just  4km far from Factory Rent Da Nang


4 Labour force ·   Population:  Danang’s population of 1.1 million (excluding migrants); including people in working age (from 15 years old to 55 – 60 year olds) accounts for nearly 50%;

·   Plentiful and educated human resources:

–    Danang city is one of the largest education centers nationwide. Danang city has 24 universities and colleges; 19 vocational secondary schools and 59 vocational centers.

–    Annually thousands of personnel are trained in universities and professional and vocational secondary schools in Danang to meet the demand for manpower not only for the city but also for the Central region.

–    The labor costs in Danang are lower than that in other big cities in Vietnam.


5 Minimum cost for Human Resource  ·   Danang City is region 2, so the minimum salary is regulated as below:

–    For worker        : 3,100,000 VNĐ ~ 141 USD.

–    Trained worker : 180-220 USD

–    Engineer            : 340-360 USD

–    Manager            : 450-470 USD

6   Available Factories for Lease –    Available factories with  high quality, including:

+ Factory area is 4,032 m2

+ Total land area is 7,400 m2

7   Investment Process
Leasing land to build factory a.      Survey, choose a land plot for building factory

b.      Sign the land-sublease Agreement

c.      Make documents for granting the IC (Investment Certificate)

d.      Sign the land-sublease Contract

e.      Hand-over & receive the land

f.       Build factory, install equipment & machines

g.      Come into operation


  Renting/Buying factory a.      Survey, choose a factory for renting/buying

b.      Sign the factory-renting/buying Agreement

c.      Make documents for granting the IC

d.      Sign the factory-renting/buying Contract

e.      Hand-over & receive the factory

f.       Install equipment & machines

g.      Come into operation


Rental price: Please kindly contact our agent for updating rental price.

Noted: Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.

Please contact to our agent for any further information of Factory Rent DN03.

Terms of Service: We, PDGroup Viet Nam will take a-half (½) month rental (For first month only), plus VAT and management fee, from the tenant for successful recommendation.

The commission will be paid by the tenant to PDGroup Viet Nam, when tenant signs the lease contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier

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