Factory for lease DN11

Factory for lease DN11.

A brand new Industrial factory for lease in Dong Nai, Vietnam. Located right inside a good industrial park that takes us about 50 minutes to downtown of Ho Chi Minh CityFactory for lease DN11.

General information:

    • Total land area: 15,912.7sq.m
    • Ready built factory: 2,400sq.m (30m x 80m).
    • Under construction factory size: 4.800sq.m

Built factory specification:

      • Guard house: 6sq.m. Factory for lease DN11.
      • Restroom block: 24.6sq.m.
      • Parking shed: 136sq.m.
      • Green area: 1,320.6sq.m.
      • Traffic area: 1,496.6sq.m. Factory for lease DN11.

Specifications: Factory for lease DN11.

Production area
Foundation Reinforced concreted (R/C), ceramic tiles, loading: 5 tons/sq.m.
Ceiling Gypsum board ceiling with aluminium frame
roof Colourful stainless Kliplok steel
Lightening-rod Fully installed
Insulation Polynum space
Structure R/C & steel frame
The wall 200 – mm brick (trowel, emulsion paint), colourful stainless steel partition
Lighting system Incandescent lamps
Electrical system Distribution cabinet
Fire protection system Fire cabinet
Main gate 6.4m x 4.5m, the roller door with electric motor
The door/window Aluminium/Iron frame
Sanitary system Fully installed
Guard house
Area 6sq.m (3m x 2M)
Conditioner system Ventilation fan
Lighting system Fluorescent lamps
Electrical system Distribution cabinet, switches and sockets
Telephone system Sockets
Parking shed
Area 136sq.m (4.2m x 16.2m x 2m)
Lighting system Fluorescent lamps
Height 3m
Internal road
Width 3.5m
Pump station for fire fighting
Underground tank R/C structure, volume of 15,6m x 4,2m x 2,4m = 157,2cbm
Water pump station Fully installed
Diesel pump 54cbm/h, fully installed
Electrical pump 54cbm/h, fully installed
Small pump Fully installed
Electrical system Distribution cabinet
Lighting system Outside the factory
Fire protection system Fire cabinet, water supply poles
Storm drainage system Connected to storm drainage system of industrial park
Waste water treatment Connected to waste water treatment system of industrial park
Flagpole Stainless steel pole. Factory for lease DN11.
Fence 2m in height, open fence or close fence depend on the location of the land
Company signal board Natural granite
Green area Around the factory. Factory for lease DN11.
Worker toilet block Fully installed

Rental price: upon site visit.

Noted: Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice

Please contact our agents for any further information.

Terms of Service: We, PDGroup Viet Nam will take a-half (½) month rental (For first month only), plus VAT and management fee, from the tenant for successful recommendation.

The commission will be paid by the tenant to PDGroup Viet Nam, when tenant signs the lease contract or pays security deposit, whichever comes earlier.

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